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Wartime Australian Monopoly Game
Small White Colored Box
with Matching Board

Very unusual white colored small box game from Australia. Has a matching game board.

The dice are also very unusual, being punched metal folded into small cubes. The Monoply Lexicon describes a similar game with the same metal dice, though it is mentioned that they were "probably not supplied with the set". I think this game would confirm that they are original. Neat!

Another similarity to the game described in the Lexicon is the uneven shapes of the wooden houses and hotels, and that the houses are red and hotels green, opposite of the regular games, but common among games manufactured during wartime materials shortages.

The game board shows gold colors for the Jail background and the Marlboro, Vine, and Bow Street properties. Alignment of the different color overprints is not up to the usual standards, with many of the colors overlapping the black border lines.

Title Deeds are printed with less than perfect quality control, as evidenced by the title banner on the Old Kent deed, where a defective printing of the banner occured.

My conclusion is that this is likely a WWII vintage game with the poorer quality control and unusual game bits being a result of materials shortages caused by the war.

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Dice made from folded sheet metal with holes for dots?? That's a first for me.