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Patent Applied For issue c.1937

Described here is a small box Monopoly game manufactured in England by John Waddington. The game shows Patent Applied For No. 3796/36, meaning it was produced before the patent was issued in England.

The amazing thing about this game is the condition. It is as new! Even the instructions look like they could have been printed last week instead of 70 years ago. The only sign of age at all in the entire set is some foxing on the front of one and the back of another COMMUNITY CHEST card. I'm thinking these were the top and bottom cards of the stack for many decades.

The Title Deeds all have sharp corners and crisp, clear colors. No fading of the white.

Most amazing is the board is in the same condition.

Pretty much the pictures tell the story. I don't know how many of these games could possibly be in this condition after all these years, but it couldn't be too many.

The really amazing thing is this came in a shipping box from John Waddington postmarked 14-APR-38. I assume the game box and board must have been stored all these years in this box. Neat!


The game board is in nearly unused condition. I say nearly because, though it does not appear to have been used, it does show some minor signs of age.

There is slight color difference between the left half and the right half of the back. Probably from lying folded with one side up for a very long time. Not too noticeable until I looked at the photo and saw it. It is not so obvious with the naked eye, but it is present.

Also, some of the board backing has separated from the board showing a small area of 'bubbling' near the center at the bottom. Again, not too noticeable, but it is there. I wasn't able to get a good picture of this.

The seam inside and out is complete and without injury of any sort. Photos show this detail quite well.

The board weighs an even 650 grams, pretty heavy even for the early boards. Enough reading, now just look at the pictures.


The game box is without injury to the top or bottom. All corners are secure and strong. It exhibits no staining or creases. The dividers appear to heve suffered the most injury, as they are bent quite a bit. Most likely from movement of the contents over the years. All the dividers are present.

All the contents are present. 32 green wooden houses, 12 red wooden hotels, 16 each of the Chance and Community Chest cards, all 28 Title Deeds, 2 ivory colored glass dice (Thanks, Harold!), a full stack of money, and 6 metal player pieces.

The pictures below will show the condition of the box very nicely.

The photos below detail the box lid and it's remarkable condition. Looking closely at one of the photos, it appears a tiny part of the box lid might have served as dinner for a hungry silverfish at one time, though these nibbles are hardly noticeable to the naked eye. Hard to belive it is 70 years old!

The pictures below show the bottom half of the box. The marks on the bottom seem to indicate that it was wrapped in cellophane when new.

No stains or injury are apparent. Still has a nice gloss on the white surfaces.