Here is an extremely rare combination of a very rare Monopoly game combined with a very rare Stock Exchange add-on. The extremely rare Monopoly game is a Trade Mark No 9 white box with the Magie patent overstamped underneath. Only a handful of these game are known to exist. This came about when Parker Brothers bought the patent rights to a game similar to Monopoly from Elizabeth Magie, 1,509,312. At that time, there was still a small stock of the No 9 white box game box labels in inventory. Parker Brothers immediately overstamped the few remaining box covers with the Magie patent. Only 6 or 7 of these games are known to exist.

The Stock Exchange add-on with this game was made by Capitol Novelties of Rensselaer, NY. This is a very hard to find game version because almost immediately after the Capitol Novelties game hit the shelves, Parker Brothers bought the rights to the game and began producing their own version. This version was produced in very low numbers for only a month or two in 1936.


This game came with an original Capitol Novelties Co Stock Exchange game addition, including a Stock Exchange sticker on the Free Parking square, 30 stock certificates, and 2 each extra Chance and Community Chest cards. This version of Stock Exchange was made prior to the Parker Brothers version and is extremely hard to find.